About Us

We have the power to light up your home.

When it comes to custom electrical installation projects, CDL Electrical services constantly set the bar high for safety and reliability.

We are known in Whangarei for our highly-skilled electrical expertise in installation, testing, rewiring, and inspection work. We are part of the CDL Group, which includes companies and services like Fireco, Northern Districts Security, CleanScape and CDL Records Management.

We have a team of seasoned and licensed electricians that can troubleshoot common and complex electrical problems on site. At CDL, we utilise the best equipment so we can do the job safely and efficiently – on time and on budget.

Before we start on any electrical work, we’ll make sure you understand the scope of what needs to be done and based on the quote, we’ll explain in detail the extent of electrical work – repairs or replacements – that we’ll be doing in your property.

Why call CDL Electrical Services?

We give the best affordable pricing.

No shocking surprises there. We quantify and account for the details of each electrical project.

Get grounded.

We'll set up your home, office or property for a round of electrical grounding work. This is to keep you safe from sudden power surges.

Switch gears with us

No more overloading to a fault when it comes to electricity distribution, we'll secure the right switchgear power system that suits your needs.

Rewire the right way.

If you smell something burning and no one's cooking in the kitchen that could be some old wires frying up deep within the walls of your home. Have your house rewired as soon as possible and eliminate any electrical hazards.

Light up your life.

Room ambiance is key to having better moods and good lighting can help do just that. We can install electrical lighting systems, lighting control consoles, LEDs and dimmers at key spots in your abode.

When the lights go out, don't hesitate to call us.

We can troubleshoot those electrical problems away, so you can rest easy. Schedule an initial assessment with CDL Electrical services.