Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection Whangarei

Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection Whangarei

You’ve finally found the home of your dreams, you’re ready to sign, but think again, have you asked the property owner or real estate agent everything you need to know about the house?

Most home buyers forget how the home’s electrical wiring affects their safety. Buying the house ‘as is’ doesn’t mean you should end up in a death trap. There are compliance laws which prevent such home sales to push through because these safety laws protect and prioritise everyone living in the home.

So now that you have found your new home, how is the state of the electrical wiring? If you’re not into home improvements or understanding things that are electrical, its best to at least have a safety professional check the electrical and wiring components of the home? How old are they? Is it up to compliance standards? Have your peeked at the fuse box? Were there rats gnawing at the wires?

To begin with, be wary of electrical faults. Before you take the next step, get a professional electrician or electric company to come take a look and ask for, here are the exact words you should say – ask for a “Pre-purchase electrical inspection”. And say no more, the electrical expert will know what you mean and why you need it.

The pre-purchase electrical inspection can be a sudden necessary expense now, rather than later when there’s nothing left of your home after a fire. A professional Whangarei electrical inspection can give you, the peace of mind you need. This means all parties can move forward knowing that the home is safe. After all, a house is the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and you don’t want to lose it.

What is a Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection before purchasing a home is important, and allows any dangerous electrical problems to be identified and corrected. In fact, it can get very costly to fix an electrical problem once you’ve bought the property. But if you identify this early and before the sale, the electrical inspection may help you bargain for a lower price based on the property deficits. The property owner may take on the repair expenses so the sale may push through.

But there are many reasons to have an electrical inspection done on a house you are proposing to purchase, and not just for market value purposes. Throughout your stay in the home, you want to be reassured that your home is safe to use. Natural events like storms and earthquakes should also be a good reason to have your house checked and tested for electrical faults.

Electrical inspections should be checked on properties that are:


Houses or buildings over 2-3 decades old.

Old wiring

Wires can get frayed and torn over time. It would be best for old properties to have their wires updated.

Sloppy home improvement or DIY work on electricals

Not everything can be fixed or held together by electrical tape. A good electrician will organise and make sure wires are stable, not overloaded and connected properly.

If you have been experiencing flickering lights or any other electrical problems, an electrical inspection is in order to make sure there are no hazards and your home is safe. A professional electrical company can also make sure your circuits are well-grounded and that proper “Earthing” measures are followed.

Experiencing electrical problems in your Whangarei home?

When you need electrical services for your house, or in time for a home sale, count on CDL Electrical services to accomplish the electrical work needed on your property. We’ll get everything ready and inspected!

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