Pre Purchase Electrical Inspections

Before you commit to buying a property, a Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection is a must. 

This will protect you from the inconvenience that the seller might not have been forthright about the house and the state of its electrical system. A Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection can help you spot existing and common electrical mistakes in the home. This can also spare you from the heartache of a bad home purchase, or having to deal with costly repairs later on.  

It is highly advised that you call in an electrician to take a look at the wiring, particularly to have them do an electrical test on the outlets and the ground fault circuit interrupters. Also to check on the electrical panels and smoke alarms throughout the house, a good and conscientious electrician won’t leave anything to chance.

At CDL Electrical, we don’t just do a visual inspection, we do actual electrical inspection testing and performance. We know what to look for, and we do all these steps to see if the property you have your eye on is safe.

Contact CDL Electrical for a Reliable and Honest Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection

With a Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection you can ensure that the property you are purchasing is electrically sound and safe from any electrical hazards. 

Contact us at CDL Electrical and we’ll come over at your convenient schedule and inspect the home you are considering to purchase.